Collaborating to achieve the best possible outcomes right from the start

Carrie Richards is a Specialist Leader of Education for the Cornwall Early Years Teaching School,

Sue Thrower Bed (Hons) (3-13yrs)

I am currently Assistant Head teacher at Truro Nursery School and have extensive experience in Early Years. Amongst other things this has included supporting change management in a number of Early Years settings across Cornwall. My knowledge of what outstanding teaching and learning looks like at this level has stood me in good stead, not only in relation to my own practice, but when supporting others in improving their practice. As a Specialist Leader of Education I have run CPD on a range of topics including Creativity in Early Years, Creating Communication Friendly Environments, Tuning into Boys’ Development in the Outdoor Environment, Writing Counts and How to Embed Policy in Practice. I also worked as a consultant for the National Strategies Every Child a Talker initiative. Having been a governor for some time, I also have significant experience of governance in Early YearsIn my opinion, the most important thing that I do in my Early Years setting at Truro Nursery School is to adopt a child centered approach. This approach draws on every child’s interests and provides them with challenging, stimulating and developmentally appropriate targets. This approach needs to be achieved in partnership with parents. Working together in this way helps the children to develop into confident, self-directed learners who are able to take risks and to fulfill their full potential. Prior to working at Truro Nursery School I worked in a range of small and large schools across the primary phase in Cornwall and in London.

Abigail Sadler

After graduating at York St. John University, I moved back to Cornwall where I taught a Year 1 class for two years. Whilst in this position, I became subject leader for Science and PSHE, as well as overseeing the phonics for EYFS and Key Stage 1. During my time teaching in Bristol, I was the Key Stage 1 representative on the maths team and heavily involved with the Year 2 SATs and moderation process. At my current school, I am joint English lead and I am currently working alongside the EYFS team to enable a smooth and effective transition into Year 1.

Helen Tonkin

I passionately believe that all children have an entitlement to an education where their social, emotional, physical and academic needs are met and where they can meet their full potential.Over the past 18 years through my work in EYFS and Key Stage One I have been able to support children in the development of these needs both as a class teacher and senior leader at Pennoweth Primary School in Redruth.  For the last 7 years I have lead a very successful EYFS department at Pennoweth. This success has been possible by enabling and empowering others to:

* Improve their subject knowledge and understanding of EYFS and Key Stage One. (teachers, support staff, parents, governors)

* Improve the quality of teaching and learning through observation, assessment and planning ( teachers and support staff )

* Make very accurate judgements of children’s levels and next steps based on observations and carefully planned and targeted moderation. ( teachers, support staff)

* Plan, develop and create enabling learning environments both inside and outside of the classroom.

* Closely track and monitor children’s progress and attainment using data systems to ensure that all groups of children make very good progress.

I  became an SLE in 2018 because I wanted to share my knowledge and experience wider and enable and empower others in order to ensure that more children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.